Our story

The early days.

You've probably also been here before, always disappointed when entertaining family and friends outdoors. Every grill we used didn't live up to hype. For us quality and durability were very important, yet we couldn't find a BBQ that offered this.

The Hunger grew for a world class outdoor cooking experience and this sparked the start of GG. We are now a force in the UK kamado scene with a 5/5 score on trustpilot. All our products are of exceptional quality. We guarantee satisfaction with every product.

Our passion for outdoor cooking.

Started way back, we can still remember begging mum and dad to light up the BBQ. We just loved the unique flavours that come from cooking over fire. 

A little bit about Kamado+.

In 2020 we launched Kamado+ the first ever Kamado to offer a complete outdoor cooking experience.

Say bye bye to surfing the internet trying to find accessories that have no guarantee of being compatible, or replacement parts. Kamado+ offers the user a complete kamado experience. We've got you covered.